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A Committee of Arts Enthusiasts

A general committee, on which various forms of the arts are represented, is elected annually to run the Association's activities and to promote the Arts in MidArgyll.

The music programme - at least 6 live concerts annually - constitutes the major feature of MAAA activity. Concerts are well supported and are usually held in Ardrishaig Public Hall which is popular with visiting artists on account of the quality of its acoustics.

Sometimes concerts are held in Lochgilphead Parish Church and, once a year, in the Council Chamber in Kilmory Castle. There are over 170 MAAA Friends of the Association who regularly attend the concerts and who are treated to performances by world class artistes. There is always a buzz present on performance nights!

New friends are welcome to join us at the forthcoming events.

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The Music Programme

6 Main concerts annually, with other special events throughout the year.

Annual Meetings

Annual Meetings 2024 AGM likely to be in November.
Get involved

We design and print our own programmes and posters which are displayed widely before concerts, although we do appreciate it when Friends who live in outlying villages download and print a poster for displaying locally.

Please contact us if you'd like to offer your services or help in any way, anything, however small, is most appreciated.

MAAA Committee

Committee Chair:
Sue MacLean
Anne Smart /
Phil Connor
Friends Contact:
Rowena Ranger & Fiona Toner
Committe Member:
Jean Boardman
Committe Member:
Belinda Braithwaite
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